2 April 2018

During the visit to the factory named after S.I. Vavilov, the Chairman of the Council of the Republic got acquainted with the work of the enterprise and met with the staff. In the medical institution, he also held a meeting with the heads of enterprises and organizations of the district.

Participation in the meeting, held in the 12th dental clinic, was adopted by the chairman of the Minsk City Council Vasil Panasiuk, Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Aliaksandr Krepak, Chairman of the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee Siarhei Malyshka, Head of the Administration of Pieršamajski district Ihar Kudrevich.

— As a senator elected from the city of Minsk, I decided not only to visit Pieršamajski district but also to talk with his core group, — stressed Myasnikovich.

During the meeting, a lot of attention was paid to problems that are relevant not only for the district but for the entire city. This is the implementation of the provisions of Presidential Decrees No. 1 and No. 7, the unprofitable activity of some enterprises, the work of the housing and communal services, the demographic situation, the construction of housing for large families, the shortage, and, consequently, the overcrowding of pre-school institutions and schools in some micro districts.

— I want to address to the deputies of the Minsk City Council present here - people entrusted you to represent their interests, and it is necessary that your real connection with voters be visible, — said Myasnikovich. — Moreover, Minsk repeatedly offered the country good projects and initiatives.

The head of the administration of the Pieršamajski district, Ihar  Kudrevich, noted that, based on the results of the activity, Pieršamajski district for the last six years was nominated four times for the Republican Board of Honor. To solve problems with a shortage of places in preschool institutions, kindergartens’ groups for six-year-olds were organized for the first time in Minsk on the basis of schools in Pieršamajski district. Also, the district became one of the experimental places for housing and communal services reforms, and last year it was the first in the republic that began to conduct the job fairs on the basis of the administration. There is a support to those who wish to create and develop business. The natural result of this work was a decrease in the number of appeals to higher authorities — minus 7.6%.

— Nevertheless, there are some problems. So, in new micro districts the infrastructure cannot catch up with the pace of housing construction, so special attention will be paid to the construction of kindergartens and schools in the coming years. Gradually, the reconstruction of the street-road network is being held, — said Head of the District Administration. During the meeting, which took place in the 12th dental clinic, the explanations and answers to the questions of the Chairman of the Council of the Republic were given by the First Deputy Head of the Administration of Pieršamajski district Dzmitryj Shashok, the Head of the Department of Education, Sports and Tourism of the Administration of Pieršamajski District Liudmila Barysenka, the Chief Doctor of the 19th Central District Clinic Viera Stasievich, the Director of the Minsk Margarine Factory Aliaksandr Shatsila and others.

Photo by Siarhej Shelieha and provided by OJSC «MMZ named after S.I. Vavilov — managing company of the holding «BelOMO»