4 February 2021

On January 19, 2021, the campaign for vaccination of medical workers against COVID-19 infection was launched in Minsk. Vaccinations are carried out using the combined vector vaccine "Gam-Covid-Vac" made in Russian Federation. This is a 2-component vaccine (initially the first component is administered, and after 21 days, the second component is administered).

The vaccine storage system has been created in the healthcare institutions of the city. This system allows the observation of the "cold chain" in compliance with the instructions for the use of this vaccine.

The lists of health workers to be vaccinated and vaccination schedules were drawn up during the preparatory period of the campaign.

The algorithm for vaccination has been developed including training of medical workers involved in the vaccination process; a preliminary medical examination to identify contraindications with the issuance of a reminder about possible post-vaccination reactions to the administration of the “Gam-Covid-Vac” vaccine. The vaccinated person is monitored for 30 minutes after the vaccine has been administered.

For February 4, 2021, 1,865 medical workers were vaccinated, which was 81.6% of the employees subject to vaccination.

The mass vaccination campaign will continue in February 2021. As new batches of vaccines are delivered to city polyclinics, vaccination will be provided firstly to the subject contingents of the population (medical and pedagogical workers, employees of closed institutions with round-the-clock stay).

Information about immunization procedure and its conditions will be posted on information stands and official websites of healthcare institutions after the further delivery of the to city polyclinics for mass vaccination.

Information and explanatory work on the issues of vaccination against COVID-19 infection continues, with the study of the demand for the desire to get vaccinated against coronavirus infection.