15 January 2021



Tubing is one of the most traumatic types of recreation!

  1. Tubings can reach high speed and spin around their axis during getting down! As soon as the speed increases, the “vatrushka” becomes quite dangerous: the tubings are accelerated with lightning speed, and the speed is higher than a sled or scooter reach on a similar slope, and it is impossible to jump off the “vatrushka” at speed. When the tubing is spinned, the person sitting in it will cease to navigate in space.
  2. Tubings are absolutely uncontrollable and not equipped with a stopping device! Flying at high speed, without the ability to stop, an adult is like a car with no brakes!
  3. You cannot ride on tubing from slides with ski jumps: when landing, the “vatrushka” is very springy, you can get severe injuries of the back and cervical spine.
  4. Do not attach tubings to each other with a rope, they may turn over, any part of the body may get stuck in the rope.
  5. It is dangerous for two or more people to sit in the tubing, you can get kicked out of it.

Safety rules when tubing

  1. Ride only on specially prepared tracks with a snowy surface.
  2. The slope for riding should be with a gradient of no more than 20 degrees. There should be enough stopping space at the bottom of the slope. You should not ride tubing on the slopes overgrown with trees.
  3. Do not get down the hills with ski jumps, the tubing is very springy when landing.
  4. Before starting to get down an unprepared track, look around for pits, bumps, protruding bushes, stones and anything else that can pose a danger to life and health.
  5. Strictly observe the distance between people who are getting down the hill. Starting riding on the tubing from above is allowed only when the previous visitor on the tubing has finished getting down!
  6. Ride on the tubing should be in a sitting position. Don't try tubing while standing or jumping like you're on a trampoline. You cannot ride a tubing together with a child: it is impossible to control the situation when you have to hold the child with one hand and the tubing with the other.       
  7. Never tie tubing to vehicles.

What are the most common injuries when tubing?

Injuries to the upper limbs when falling from a tubing leaning with support on your hands.  You can also get a fracture of the cervical spine with a sharp jerk of the head. Other options for injury are a concussion, fractures of the pelvic bones and limbs, which more often occurs when colliding with an obstacle.

Take care of yourself and your children!