22 June 2020

How the overhaul of the 6th central district clinical polyclinic of the Lieninski district of Minsk is carried out, what has been done and what innovations await patients in the future – all this is in the material of the «Minsk-News» agency correspondent.


6 поликлиника

The age of one of the oldest medical institutions of the city – the 6th central district clinical polyclinic – is estimated at more than seven decades. For a long time, it was located on the territory of the 3rd city hospital, and in 1990 it was registered in the former building of the medical commission. And now it stands out among city polyclinics. With the apparent modesty of the facade, there are spacious corridors, large halls and comfortable rooms inside.

Besides patients from Lieninski district, the polyclinic serves residents of almost all districts of the city, with the exception of Frunzienski and Zavodski districts. However, its overhaul has been going on for several years.

“The polyclinic consists of two buildings that are interconnected”, – says Aliena Pucyla, the head doctor of the institution. – “The reconstruction of one wing took almost two years. We updated the heat center and server room, installed heavy equipment, including X-ray, which took a long time to undergo examination and approval. The fluorography cabinet and the mammography cabinet have already been modernized. Now we expect a computer tomograph, but since we are under reconstruction, it will be installed in the 23rd polyclinic”.

Елена Пуцило

The administration and part of the departments moved to the renovated building at the very beginning of the current epidemic situation. For this reason, the temporary relocation to the 2nd and the 3rd hospitals located nearby, which was planned for July, had to be postponed. According to the head doctor, the new building meets the latest requirements. Today it houses the administration, accounting, economic department. In addition, an entire floor was given to the female counselling center, the X-ray department and the cardiology center.

Do not have a hundred rubles

The overhaul was supposed to be carried out in four stages. The first, the second and the fourth stages have already been completed. This is the merit of the II European Games that were held last year: the building is located in close proximity to the «Dynama» stadium, so the improvement of the surrounding area is unplanned.

“We assign a year for repair of the second building”, – Aliena Pucyla continues. – “Some specialists, thanks to the support of the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee and the management of the 2nd hospital, are currently being relocated to the former neurological department of the medical commission on the hospital territory. This is the therapeutic service, the department of medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy. We were supported in the 3rd hospital: they allocated rooms for admission by ophthalmologists and for a clinical diagnostic laboratory”.

6 поликлиника

There is an idea to restore an unfairly forgotten thing in the polyclinic – a hydropathic establishment. By the way, in the future, not only those who belong to the polyclinic but also everyone who wants can use its services. It is also necessary to update physiotherapy cabinets, which will receive the most modern equipment. A powerful incentive to develop further, according to the head doctor, are professional services and medical examinations. Even in conditions of a pandemic, this type of service continues to be provided. For this, a whole floor with a separate entrance was allocated. Exactly there blood sampling and an electrocardiogram are carried out, specialists consult patients. Almost the entire process of passing a medical examination takes 1,5–2 hours.

“Corona” is not our friend

It is said that the current epidemic situation can be considered as an exam for the professionalism of doctors, their ability to reorganize themselves quickly and respond to emergency situations in time. This all is about polyclinics not to a lesser extent. Often it is the district doctors who are the first to face the manifestations of a viral infection. In the 6th polyclinic, from the first days’ reception by narrow specialists was limited, the departments of medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy were reorganized.

“We also have one distinguishing feature – we serve patients, almost 40% of them are aged”, – Aliena Michajlaŭna says. – “We have a telephone connection with them, if necessary, an assistant doctor or nurse will bring them a prescription to home”.

Meanwhile, the therapeutic service also conducts the usual admission, because the coronavirus has not canceled other diseases. The infection cabinet operates in two shifts. But special teams come to the COVID patients and first-level contacts . There are four of them in the clinic.

6 поликлиника

It is worth talking separately about the attitude towards employees here. Both the special teams and the doctors in the infection cabinet are very well equipped. The trade union committee and the extra-budgetary department of the clinic insured absolutely all employees: those who directly contact with COVID patients, for 3 thousand rubles, the rest – for 2 thousand. After that, as the head doctor claims, the question of the orderlies refusal to work in the infectious diseases cabinet was dropped. At the same time, Aliena Pucyla notes: there is a smooth decline in the incidence and contacts in the serviced area.

Nevertheless, doctors urge people to be on the alert, try to comply with all necessary requirements.

“If you don’t think about your neighbors, think about yourself”, – the doctor adds. – Parents should pay special attention to children: they need to understand clearly and comprehensible that this disease is not just a cold, today it is quite difficult to recover from it. The constant processing of hands, wearing a mask and social distance are perhaps the most important things that can protect against infection.

Photo by Siarhiej Pahoža