27 June 2019

In 2018 the provision of the public of Minsk with medical practitioners was 60 specialists per 10,000 people (that is, there are on average 166 patients per each practitioner), reports a correspondent of the "Minsk-News" agency referring to the Main statistical department of Minsk.


Experts cited the statistics on the occasion of the Medical Worker Day, which is traditionally celebrated in our country on the third Sunday of June.

In 2018, 415 ambulatory polyclinic organizations, 47 hospital organizations, a city ambulance station provided medical aid to the public in Minsk, and 172 ambulance crews worked in the field. At the end of last year, 11.9 thousand medical practitioners and 27 thousand paramedical workers worked in the medical institutions of the capital.

Among practitioners, the majority is comprised of general practitioners (4.7 thousand) and surgeons (4.2 thousand). The rarest specialities are a toxicologist, immunologist and perfusionist (6 doctors of each speciality), audiologist (4) and phoniatrist (3).


A toxicologist deals with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of poisoning; an immunologist helps patients who have problems with the immune system; a perfusionist provides artificial blood circulation during open-heart operations and on blood vessels; an audiologist specializes in hearing-related pathologies, and a phoniatrist studies the pathologies connected with voice.