20 June 2019

There are five maternity hospitals in Minsk: in the 1st City Clinical Hospital (CCH), the 3rd City Clinical Hospital, the 5th City Clinical Hospital, the 6th City Clinical Hospital and the City Clinical Maternity Hospital No 2. Some people will soon have good changes. This was announced in the article of a correspondent of the "Minsk-News" agency.


In the maternity hospital No 2 the City Family Planning Centre is being reformed

"In August 2019, a new concept of the centre should be ready," says Iryna Ikanastasava, chief obstetrician-gynecologist of the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee. "Women who managed to get pregnant thanks to assisted reproductive technologies (ART) used in the centre are followed up by obstetricians and gynecologists in city polyclinics. In the future doctors of the centre will follow up mothers-to-be to the delivery itself."

The centre was organized on the basis of the maternity hospital No 2 10 years ago. Its staff believed that they would mainly deal with prevention of abortion, in particular, explain how to properly protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. However, almost 80% of the work turned out to be associated with infertility.

"We start treatment with conservative, that is, non-surgical methods," explain the specialists of the centre. "If it is ineffective, we use ART. Under favourable circumstances, a woman leaves us with a child. Commercial medical structures (we are talking about medical centres specializing in ART. – Author’s note) are only interested in successful impregnation."

The efficiency of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in this centre, as well as in other Belarusian medical centres and abroad is 40-43%. Getting pregnant is meant. Unfortunately, not everyone can be helped. The numbers are slowly growing, but the later a person comes to the doctor with the problem of infertility, the less likely it is to be successful. The highest effectiveness of IVF is at the age of 28-32 years, while conservative methods usually help up to 28 years. After 32-37 years the reserve of a female body in relation to impregnation and the possibility of having a baby decreases. This is nature.

The cost of IVF is up to two thousand dollars. This is the average cost of the full IVF cycle. It includes the wages of the medical staff – an urologist (works with a man), fertility specialist (works with a woman). For example, a fertility specialist prescribes examination to a woman, medications to stimulate ovulation. An embryologist deals with mature eggs.

The bulk of the money patients spend on IVF is the cost of the medications used to stimulate ovulation. There are many of them, the prices are different. The work of the doctors costs the equivalent of about 500 dollars.

"As for ART, we did everything we wanted in our maternity hospital," centre specialists say. "A woman can contact us and leave us with a long-awaited baby. It is wonderful that there is such a centre in the capital, where friendly, experienced and qualified medical personnel work. It is a state centre, and we are not interested in commercial success. If pregnancy comes, we are happy. A woman gives birth – it is a delight! We get an indescribable moral satisfaction. By the way, mothers-to-be ask us not to disclose the information that their children are conceived artificially. We meet them halfway. We only say: the medical team must know that it is an IVF-baby in the womb."

There are special characteristics of the birth of a baby from a test tube. It is an artificially created little man, in the womb they develop a little differently, a premature birth may occur.

Maternity hospitals in the 1st and 6th hospitals are being modernized

"At the stage of discussion is renovation of the obstetric pavilion of the 6th clinic," continues Iryna Ikanastasava. "We are deciding how to do that better – with a full or partial closure and resettlement. Design and estimate documentation for the modernization of the facility will be developed in 2019. Our task is to provide women and newborns with high-quality medical care."

In the maternity hospital in the 1st City Clinical Hospital renovation and opening of an intensive care unit for mothers are envisaged for this year.

"In the second half of 2019, we are planning to reorganize the City centre of extragenital pathology in pregnancy, which operates at the 1st clinic. We will send to the centre mothers-to-be not only with cardiovascular and endocrine diseases, but also with oncology diseases. And also with kidney diseases," she added.

For reference

Extragenital pathology is a set of various diseases or syndromes that are not related to gynecology. Pregnant women with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and malignant tumors require special attention.

The photos are from the archives of the "Minsk-News" agency