6 June 2019

The medical and social project "Women's Health Marathon — 2019" starts in Minsk in early August 2019. This was reported on June 5 during a direct line in the contact center of the Minsk City Executive Committee by Iryna Ikanastasava, the chief obstetrician-gynecologist of Minsk, the correspondent of the «Minsk-News» agency reports.



“Such a large-scale project in which women of any age will take part is the first in our country,” noted I. Ikanastasava. “We will engage Minsk hospitals in it, the 2nd maternity hospital, and several large shopping centers. The experts will be the leading doctors of Belarus in obstetrics, gynecology, neonatology (doctors specializing in newborns) and oncology. We want to stir up our women to think about their health. Aim them at prophylaxis, diagnosis of diseases and apply to doctors on time".

The specialist clarified that when visiting the 2nd hospital, for example, women will be told everything about assisted reproductive technologies. In the 6th clinic of the project participants will be enlightened about the features of breastfeeding.

“In shopping centers we will give certificates to women (most likely, the winners and prize-winners of various thematic contests. — author’s note) for a full examination in gynecological departments of the capital hospitals,” continued I. Ikanastasava.

More than 5 thousand teenage girls and over 10 thousand women of different ages are expected to take part in the project. In addition, the participation of 100 doctors, 50 volunteers (medical students, clinical residents and interns) is planned.


The medical and social project “Women's Health Marathon — 2019” will last from August 5 to September 5 in Minsk with the support of the Health Committee and the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the Minsk City Executive Committee, medical associations, charity and public organizations.