5 June 2019

In the 16th City Polyclinic the overhaul has begun. The correspondent of the "Minsk-News" agency has found out what will change in the healthcare institution.


The clinic will be fully updated — inside and outside. The facade is being insulated. The plans include the replacement of the roof and the repair of a three-story extension where the central sterilization laboratory, bookkeeping, and other services are located. Rerun of all engineering networks is in prospect.

“Inside the building will be renovated in stages: first one half, then the other. Landscaping is also planned,” says Ala Marciševič, the head physician of the 16th City Polyclinic. “The most important thing is that we work: the doctors are receiving, the support services are working”.

The standard deadline for putting the object into exploitation is the III-IVth quarter of 2020.

It is obvious that in the updated interior the existing medical equipment will not suit, so the equipment will be completely replaced.

“The Pulmoscan radiographic apparatus, ultrasound diagnostics devices are of the large planned purchases. They will perform, for example, ultrasound of the heart, blood vessels, organs of the abdominal cavity, the small pelvis,” says the head physician. “We will acquire new modern laboratory equipment, as well as a «workplace of an otorhinolaryngologist» and a «workplace of an ophthalmologist»”.

48,000 people are attached to the polyclinic. A lot of elder ones. They are frequent visitors to the departments of medical rehabilitation and functional diagnostics, which are being refitted. The patients will be able to restore health in comfort.

“Repair is repair, but what’s about the staff in the polyclinic? Medical, in particular,” I ask the head doctor.

“The district service is staffed by almost 75%, that is, doctors work more than in one full-time position, which is not unusual. There are all narrow specialists. The only loss is an ENT doctor who left a month ago — transferred to the clinic. And the second ENT is now on maternity leave. Therefore, we temporarily refer patients to the 1st and 4th polyclinics. Our team will increase — we expect young specialists: a surgeon, an ophthalmologist, an obstetrician-gynecologist. They will come to us on August 1. However, this is not the only replenishment. We are waiting for the contract specialists — assistants to doctors and nurses.”

“All are Minsk dwellers?”

“They aren’t.”

“Where will they live? Polyclinic is located in the city center. Rental housing in your area is not affordable for young people”

“We will try to help with the dormitory. In previous years, we were approved by the district administration: we were allocated places in the dormitories of enterprises and organizations. Our girls live in a bakery dormitory and are very satisfied. As for apartments, we put all newcomers on the waiting list for the improvement of living conditions”

For the reference

Ala Marciševič is deputy of the Minsk City Council of Deputies. The overhaul of the polyclinic is one of the mandates of her voters. The customer for the overhaul of the 16th Polyclinic is the capital construction management of the Centraĺny District, the contractor is Budtrest №35.

Photos by Siarhiej Šelieh