28 March 2019

For the achievement of the significant results in the field of quality and competitiveness of the products manufactured, services or work performed, the introduction of innovative technologies and modern management methods, the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for achievements in the field of quality in 2018 was awarded to the:

  • Belarusian-Russian joint enterprise "Bresthazaaparat";
  • state educational institution “Gymnasium №1 named after academician J.F. Karski of Hrodna";
  • municipal unitary production and construction enterprise “Brestžylbud”;
  • separate structural unit “Design and Technical Center of the Belarusian Railway” of state association “Belarusian Railway”;
  • open joint-stock company “BELAZ” – management company of “BELAZ-HOLDING”;
  • open joint-stock company "MAPID";
  • open joint-stock company "Turaŭ Dairy Plant";
  • health care institution "4th City Clinical Hospital named after M.J. Saŭčanka";
  • educational institution "Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maksim Tank";
  • educational institution "Paliessie State University".