14 March 2019

By the end of 2019, Belarus’s commercial pharmacies will have been connected to the Electronic Prescription system, the deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus Viačaslaŭ Šyla said on March 12 at «Digital Transformation of the Health System of the Republic of Belarus», the II International Scientific and Practical Conference, the correspondent of the «Minsk-News» agency reports.


According to V. Šyla, today electronic prescriptions are accepted in both state pharmacies and some private ones.

“In 2015  in Belarus we started a project on the implementation of the Electronic Prescription system,” V. Šyla said. “For this purpose the physicians’ workplaces in the polyclinics were equipped with computers. Then we created a local electronic network between the healthcare institutions and pharmacies of RUP “Bielfarmacyja”.

The deputy Minister also explained that the next step in the development of IT in medicine will be a project on creation of a National e-Health system.

“In accordance with this project, we will get an integrated electronic medical card for each patient,” said V. Šyla. “It will collect all the information about the patient from the moment of birth. As a person grows older, the document updates with information about preventive vaccinations, hospitalizations, suffered illnesses, calls for emergency medical care, medical examination.”

As to the information security in the medical card, medical staff will have access to it after the entering a patient’s identification number on the server of the unified electronic network. The server will unite all medical institutions of Belarus.

Minsk is considered to be the leader in the creation of an electronic healthcare system in the republic. In the capital almost all the medical facilities are fully computerized. In the polyclinics an electronic outpatient card has been got for each patient, in the clinical hospitals an electronic case history has been. In addition, a single corporate network has been created in the city, through which telemedicine consultations (for example, on the diseases of the respiratory organs and the mammary gland) are carried out.