7 March 2019

The reconstruction of the 1st and 6th maternity hospitals, the oldest in the city, is planned in Minsk, Iryna Ikanastasava, the chief obstetrician-gynecologist of the Minsk City Executive Committee, reported in the interview with BELTA.


In the 1st maternity hospital the repair and opening of obstetric reanimation for mothers are provided this year already. There will be a reorganization of the City Center for Pregnant Women with Extragenital Pathology, which has been functioning on the basis of the antenatal clinic of the 1st City Clinical Hospital since 2006. “We will expand the indications for observation in the center of women with somatic pathology (for example, cancer, thrombophilia),” said Iryna Ikanastasava.

In addition, the investment program of 2019 includes the design of a 10-storey building in the 1st City Hospital, where the department of operative gynecology will be located. An operating unit, an intensive care unit will appear here, endovascular diagnostic and treatment methods will be performed.

“The material and technical base of the 2nd maternity hospital, which has been receiving patients for more than 35 years, needs to be updated. All projects will be implemented gradually,” added Iryna Ikanastasava.

She also said that from January 1, 2019, on the basis of the City Center for Transfusiology of the 6th City Clinical Hospital, the Department of Obstetric Immunohematology has been opened, where all pregnant women in the city (and their partners) can undergo a full laboratory examination of the hemostasis system, find out the blood type and RH factor, as well as the presence of anti-erythrocyte antibodies (or in-depth blood tests). The main task is to prevent the possibility of the development of hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn with RH sensitization. In this center, future parents can receive advice from both an obstetrician-gynecologist and a transfusiologist. Here, the expectant mother will be offered antenatal prophylaxis by administering a human anti-rhesus immunoglobulin and at risk of RH sensitization – birth at the 6th maternity hospital.

In total, in 2018 in city obstetric institutions were taken about 20 thousand births.