12 February 2019

Another ambulance substation will be erected in the residential area of Lošyca on Syrakomli street. This was reported to the journalists by the head physician of the City Ambulance Station Aliaksandr Žynko.


He noted that the building would be built on the same project as on U. Halubka street in Kamiennaja Horka. The opening of the object in Lošyca is expected at the end of this year.

“There are 10 substations in 8 administrative units of the city today in Minsk, the exception is the Saviecki district. More than 2 thousand workers work at these objects. Two substations are located in the city center: on Zacharava and Charkaŭskaja streets. The other objects are dispersed closer to the outskirts of the capital,” noted A. Žynko.