11 February 2019

About 400 graduates of medical universities of Belarus will come to work in capital hospitals, polyclinics and dispensaries in August 2019, Siarhiei Pabiadzinski, the head of the organizational and personnel and legal work department of the Minsk City Executive Committee told the correspondent of the "Minsk-News" agency.


“In 2018 399 graduates of the Belarusian medical universities were sent to the capital health institutions for internship,” noted S. Pabiadzinski. “From August 1, 2019 they will go to work in hospitals, polyclinics, dispensaries. What’s more, this year about 400 graduates of medical universities in Belarus will be distributed as interns to the capital health instituitions, 70% of them to the polyclinics.”

The specialist specified that today the Minsk polyclinics are staffed by more than 80% with doctors.