6 February 2019

From the Investment Minsk Program to each medical institution was allocated 1 million rubles for the development of design and estimate documentation of reconstruction of the emergency rooms of the largest in the capital clinical hospitals — the 6th and 10th — in 2019, Siarhei Malyshka, the head of the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, reported to the correspondent of the "Minsk-News" agency.


According to the chief doctor Viktar Isachkin, the updated emergency room of the 10th City Clinical Hospital will be twice as big in the area as it is now. In addition, the flow of patients will be divided into the needing emergency, urgent or consultative and diagnostic medical care. They plan to install high-tech diagnostic equipment in the department, such as computer tomography and X-ray machine. There will also appear modern operating rooms for emergency patients, a clinical diagnostics laboratory, open endoscopic and ophthalmology offices here.

In the 6th Clinic the emergency room of the City Clinical Center of Orthopedics and Traumatology (included in structure of the clinic) will be updated. Earlier, the chief doctor of the hospital Viktar Gurko reported that for the emergency room a two-storied extension will be erected to the existing center corpus.

“The ground floor will be taken by registry, diagnostic services, including computer and magnetic resonance tomography rooms,” said V. Gurko. “The rooms of anti-shock therapy will also be located here. There will be operating rooms, an intensive care and reanimation department on the first floor of the building.”

It should also be noted that after the modernization an ambulance car will enter the building from the street. This will enable to quickly inspect, make a diagnosis and take in the emergency operating room or the intensive care and reanimation department the patients with severe injuries.