5 February 2019

11th Сity Сlinical Hospital of Minsk expects the reconstruction, Siarhei Malyshka, the head of the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, reported to the correspondent of the "Minsk-News" agency.


“The specialists must provide the project of the 11th Clinic reconstruction in June 2019, ” said S. Malyshka. “We understand that the city needs to expand the number of beds. Therefore, in the 11th Hospital we are planning to construct a new building and upgrade the existing ones.”

Currently the 11th City Hospital is a multidisciplinary medical institution. The clinic is better known as rehab one. However, here is provided highly skilled surgical care, too. It is here where the country's first center of outpatient and minimally invasive surgery (so called ‘one-day’ surgery) was opened. For the shortest possible time the specialists of the center conduct surgical treatment of gallstones, varicosity of lower extremities, external hernias of various localization, solve proctologic and other health problems. There operate the Departments of Emergency Surgery of the Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education on the basis of the clinic . In addition, the hospital is known for its achievements in oral and maxillofacial surgery. A specialized department of the Belarusian State Medical University was organized on its basis.

The unique dental implantations and bone reconstructive surgeries of the facial skeleton are conducted at the clinic.

As for rehabilitation, multidisciplinary teams of attending and specialized physicians, comorbidity specialists and also a exercise therapy instructor work with each patient. Comprehensive rehabilitation programs are developed individually.

Staff capacity of the 11th Hospital is 29% of physicians with the highest qualification category and 33% — with the first. Simultaneously, for the last few years the hospital has been among the top three health care institutions (among adult clinics) on the quality of medical care to the residents of the capital.