11 December 2018

9 city residents applied to the City Clinical Emergency Hospital for medical assistance because of ice injuries on December 4–6. Such data, citing the EMCH, was voiced by Sviatlana Jarmak, the deputy chief health officer of Minsk, at the meeting in the Minsk City Executive Committee of the working group on the improvement and maintenance of urban territories, the correspondent of the "Minsk-News" agency reports.


“More than 2/3 of the violations of the sanitary maintenance of the territories of the capital revealed the outgoing week were related to the untimely cleaning of snow and the treatment of coatings with anti-icing agents. In total, health officers evaluated over 2,700 territories and objects while violations were detected at 238 which is 8.8% of the total number of those inspected,” added S. Jarmak.

She also clarified that the inspectors mainly issued recommendations to the violators to restore order. However, in the future late snow removal and poor anti-icing treatment will be followed by penalties to those responsible for maintaining the territories.