2 October 2018

A correspondent of the "Minsk-News" agency reports that the chief state sanitary doctor of Minsk Neli Gindziuk said at the operative meeting in the Minsk City Executive Committee that in the capital more than 10.5 thousands residents had already been vaccinated against flu.


“It is planned to vaccinate more than 722 thousands citizens — about 40 % of the total. For more than 32 % of those who are vaccinated, the vaccination will be provided through the budget,” N. Gindziuk refained.

She added that people at high risk for complications after suffering flu (with chronic diseases of cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine and other systems; people older than 65 years; pregnant women; children up to 3 years) as well as at high risk for infection (health workers, teachers, students of schools, pupils and teachers of kindergartens) are vaccinated in the capital due to budgetary sources of financing.

In 2018 in Minsk campaign for free influenza vaccination will be carried out with the use of the vaccine "Grippol plus" (Russia). Such vaccines as "Vaxigrip", "Vaxigrip-tetra" (France), "Influvac" (Netherlands), "Grippol plus" (Russia) will be used at the expense of enterprises, organizations and residents themselves.

According to N. Gindziuk it is already established that in the Northern Hemisphere 3 strains of influenza virus will run the coming winter, and 2 of them are new, for which immunity has not developed in population yet. Vaccines used in the city are able to protect from each of them.

Speaking about the vaccination of the population of the capital in general, the chief state sanitary doctor of Minsk stressed that because of this work, in 2017 the incidence of flu in the city decreased by 70 times compared to 2003. Last year vaccinations helped to prevent more than 53 thousands cases of flu and more than 44 thousands of acute respiratory infections. Prevention of economic damage from the diseases is estimated at 10.6 million dollars in equivalent.