10 July 2018

On July 16, 2018 Day of Dental Diseases Prevention will be held in Minsk.


Day of prevention of dental diseases is an educational and preventive campaign, which is held annually.

The topic of prevention of dental diseases is very relevant, as the results of numerous studies show that the intensity of the main dental diseases (dental caries and periodontal diseases) among our population is quite high.

Today, despite the implementation of modern technologies and materials into the work of a dentist, the problem does not lose its relevance.

An epidemiological dental examination of schoolchildren conducted by a group of specialists in Minsk showed that 67% of 12-year-olds and 76% of 15-year-old schoolchildren have carious teeth.

It is known that prevention is the most reasonable treatment!

The weakest, but the most important link in the implementation of measures for the primary prevention of major dental diseases is the hygienic education of the population, dental education and the education of children and adults in the rules of oral hygiene.

One of the main tasks of a dentist is to inform the patient in an accessible form the importance and ways of maintaining dental health. Oral health plays an important role in maintaining the health of the entire body.

If the pathological process of caries is not stopped, the tooth is gradually destroyed, which leads to the development of a large number of complications.

Main campaign aim:

- training of the population in the methods of preserving the health of teeth and organs of the oral cavity;

- raising awareness of risk factors and hygiene products for oral care;

- holding free consultations for dentists using educational and motivational materials and selecting individual preventive dental programs.

Risk factors:

- inadequate oral hygiene;

- unbalanced nutrition;

- excessive consumption of sweets;

- defects in metabolic processes in the body.

Oral hygiene.

The main goal of oral hygiene is to minimize the amount of soft microbial plaque and tooth stone. This is achieved by regular brushing of teeth in children and adults. Brush your teeth twice a day: in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after dinner.

Use of fluorides.

The most effective in reducing the prevalence of caries is the combination of the systemic and local use of fluorides. Among the numerous methods of local fluoride prophylaxis, the most practical is the use of fluoride-containing toothpaste. Toothpaste containing fluorides should have a quality certificate with the indication of active fluorine, hygienic registration (for harmlessness) and be clinically tested in the Republic of Belarus.

Balanced diet.

For the prevention of dental and periodontal disease, it is important: a complete set of foods and a moderate frequency of carbohydrate intake.

With 3-4 meals a day, the diet should contain the products of four main groups: bread, dairy, meat and fruit and vegetable. Frequent intake of carbohydrates is a risk factor for caries.

Good oral hygiene, proper nutrition and the appropriate use of fluoride together with affordable and effective dental care are the leading factors in maintaining the dental health of the population.


On July 16, 2018 in all dental clinics and dental offices of adults and children's polyclinics of Minsk from 9.00 to 18.00 you can get professional advice on the prevention of dental diseases.