6 July 2018

On July 23-29, 2018 a medical campaign "Maternity hospital, friendly to the family!" will be held in Minsk


The appearance of a child in the world is the most important stage in the life of each family. All parents want this event to happen, leaving pleasant moments in memory, and the baby to be born strong and healthy. So the maternity hospitals of Minsk are ready to help them by offering quality medical services.

At the present time, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus has decided to allow visits to women after childbirth in all maternity hospitals and departments. This is a very important step, called to unite the family, to strengthen the trust between parents and doctors.

A woman feels as a mother since the birth of a new life, and the feeling of being father comes later. Partner birth, accommodation in the joint house, early contact of the newly-came daddy with the baby contribute to the appearing of the father's instinct, the manifestation of the men’s pride, increasing responsibility for the family.

In the capital institutions of obstetrics, under the guidance of doctors, young parents learn how to handle the child properly, receive psychological support, recommendations for strengthening their own health, which gives them self-confidence and peace of mind. Sincere goodwill and professionalism of medical personnel cause trust and desire after a while to return for a new member of the family.

To learn about the specifics of individual obstetrical institutions, and perhaps "choose" a maternity hospital will help the city medical campaign "Maternity hospital, friendly to the family", which starts in Minsk on July 23.

During the week, each obstetrical institution will hold an open day, during which specialists will conduct excursions, answer all sorts of questions related to pregnancy, childbirth (including partner), postpartum period, organization of breastfeeding of the baby and nutrition of the nursing mother, care for newborns and the formation of a new phase of marital relations.

Young and future parents will be able to get information about measures of state support for families with children, take part in the survey, express their wishes.

For couples who come with children, the work of the "children" site will be organized.

As a result of the event, the best provider of obstetrics services will be chosen. The evaluation criteria will be the quality of the assistance provided, the professionalism of the employees, the results of the questionnaire and other factors. Choose a friendly maternity hospital for you!


Health Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee