13 June 2018

The best drivers of medical transport were named after the annual competition on professional skills, as the head of the primary trade-union organization of the CUE "Minsksanavtotrans" Ihar Pavidajka told the "Minsk-News" agency correspondent.


The contest was held among ambulance drivers and drivers of medical aid cars.

“The main profession of the employees of the CUE "Minsksanavtotrans" is the driver. We have 980 out of all 1,230 workers in the enterprise today", Pavidajka specified. “43 persons took part in the current competitions. In the beginning, they demonstrated knowledge of the Rules of the road. The best was the ambulance driver Dzmitryj Sianchuk and the driver of the car, Dzmitryj Charniawski (representatives of the 2nd motorcade). But in speed maneuvering, the ambulance driver Dzianisu Bokach (motorcade No. 3) and Mikalaj Tsarykievich (motorcade No. 2) had nobody equal among the drivers of the car of medical aid."

According to the results of two stages (knowledge of traffic rules and driving), the places were distributed as follows: in the nomination "The best driver of first aid", the driver of the motorcade No. 2 Dzianis Raman, 2nd – Dzianis Bokach (motorcade 3), 1st – Dzmitryj Sianchuk (motorcade 2). In the nomination "The best driver of medical care", the driver of motorcade 3 Uladzimir Shatsila was on the 3rd place, Dzmitryj Charniawski (motorcade 2) was on the 2nd place, Mikalaj Tsarykievich (motorcade 2) celebrated the victory.

The most spectacular part of the contest was the relay race, during which it was necessary to travel as carefully as possible, quickly pass the baton and stop at the right place. And do not score penalty points. As a result, the third place went to the team of the motorcade number 1, the 2nd was won by the motorcade No. 3, and the representatives of the motorcade No. 2 celebrated the victory.

“It is worth noting that every year among the participants of various competitions and competitions of our enterprise more and more young people. Workers aspire not only to improve their professional level, but also to actively participate in public life. And this is only welcomed by both the employer and the primary trade union organization," I. Pavidajka noted.

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CUE "Minsksanavtotrans" is a large transport enterprise that serves to almost all medical institutions of the city.

Photos are provided by CUE "Minsksanavtotrans"