16 May 2018

Medical campaigns for the prevention of non-infectious diseases, including heart and blood vessels diseases, will be held in the capital on May 16, as the City Health Center reported to the correspondent of “Minsk-News” agency.

“The campaigns will be held in the pharmacies of RUE "Belpharmacy", at a number of industrial enterprises, as well as in the dormitory of the Minsk State Linguistic University,” told the doctor-valeologist of the City Health Center Aliena Charenka. “The purpose of the measures is the prevention of circulatory diseases, oncological, endocrine and other non-infectious ailments.”

In places where the campaigns are held, everyone can measure blood pressure, learn their height, weight. And also anyone may receive an individual consultation of a cardiologist for the prevention of heart and vascular diseases. In addition, you can make an electrocardiogram.

“Participants of the campaign will be asked to fill out a questionnaire on the early detection of cardiovascular diseases,” Aliena Charenka specified. “And on the information points videos about a healthy lifestyle will be shown, prompt cards will be given out, as well as the booklets on this topic.”

In Zavadski district the campaign will be held from 10:00 to 15:00 at the OJSC "Minsk Bearing Plant"; in Lieninski – at the OJSC "Kommunarka" (10:00-14:00), in Maskoŭski district in the dormitory of the Minsk State Linguistic University (10:00-15:00), in Kastryčnicki district in at RUE "National Airport Minsk" (10:00-15:00); in Partyzanski district – in pharmacies № 23, 34 of RUE "Belpharmacy"; in Pieršamajski district – at the OJSC “Minsk Margarine Plant” (10:00-13:00), in the Saviecki district – at the pharmacy #1 of RUE "Belpharmacy" (10:00-15:00), in Frunzienski at OJSC “MAPID” (10:00-15:00), in the Centraĺny district at CJSC “Milavitsa” (10:00-15:00).