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Primary Care Division

- carries out management and control over the treatment and diagnostic process, the quality and availability of medical care provided in outpatient clinics, emergency medical care, coordination of the work of chief physicians, heads of departments on planning, development and improvement of outpatient and emergency medical care for the adult population .
- conducts an analysis of the activities of outpatient health care institutions, the city ambulance station.
- develops and implements measures to improve the quality of the examination of working capacity and medical rehabilitation of patients, reduce the level of disability, put into practice the scientific principles of medical rehabilitation and examination of patients and disabled people, best practices of health care institutions on medical rehabilitation and examination, ensure the continuity of the stages of rehabilitation and examination
- coordinates the work of the chief specialists of the department for the development and improvement of primary health care
- controls the execution by subordinate outpatient clinics of the Republican and city programs, orders and orders of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases
- organizes the work of the city ambulance station to provide emergency medical care to the population, transport patients to hospitals in the direction of the attending physicians of the outpatient network, as well as to persons who applied directly to the station for emergency medical care
- monitors the timeliness, quality and volume of medical care provided by the medical staff of the city ambulance station
- monitors the quality and availability of medical care in outpatient clinics
- ensures the timely implementation of the achievements of medical science, new methods and technologies into the practice of subordinate institutions
Head of the Department of Primary Health Care: Shilova Irina Nikolaevna
tel: +375 17 272-76-37