For the visually impaired

Deputy chairman

Tikhonov Dmitry Yurievich

  • to manage and control the work of the management, organization of medical care of the committee (within the competence), the department of medical equipment of the committee
  • to organize and control the work of the organization for the examination of the quality and accessibility of medical care in organizations subordinate to the committee, and within the competence - in organizations of non-state ownership
  • organize work on informatization of the health care system of the city of Minsk
  • ensure compliance with the rules for organizing office work, accounting and safety, passing official documentation
  • coordinate work on the use of budgetary funds (within the competence)
  • ensure coordination and organization of work on:
    - implementation of public procurement of medical devices and medicines
    - acquisition of medical equipment within the limits of the dedicated funding allocated to the committee
    - on the use of medical equipment in healthcare organizations subordinate to the committee
    - fulfillment by subordinate organizations of indicators of socio-economic development in the area of activity
    - use of allocated budget funding for public procurement of medical devices and medicines (within the competence)
    - providing medicines to subordinate healthcare organizations
    - coordinate work on interaction with the media
    - take part in the selection of management personnel and specialists in the field of activity