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Department of Medical Care for Mothers and Children

Head of the Department of Medical Care for Mothers and Children: Yarmak Ekaterina Ivanovna

tel: +375 17 215-14-36

  • organization and general management of the provision of specialized medical care and rehabilitation to the women's and children's population of Minsk
  • development of measures aimed at improving the health indicators of women and children, improving the quality of medical care for them
  • introduction of modern methods of diagnostics and treatment, increasing the professional knowledge of medical workers in the field of obstetric-gynecological and pediatric services
  • analysis of the level of nosocomial morbidity in obstetric and children's health care institutions and the development of preventive measures to reduce it and prevent group diseases
  • infantile losses, child and maternal mortality, dispensary observation of children and pregnant women together with district pediatricians, obstetrician-gynecologists
  • ensuring the timely implementation of the achievements of medical science, new methods and medical technologies into the practice of subordinate institutions
  • preparation of reports, analysis and proposals on the assigned sections of medical care for women and children