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Department of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology (hereinafter referred to as OIT) is a structural subdivision of MIAC

The activity of the OIT is aimed at building a corporate computer network, creating and developing automated control systems on its basis, providing high-quality service for all elements of automated management and business process management in the system of the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee

In accordance with the assigned tasks, the OIT performs the following main functions in the interests of the committee and MIAC:

- conducts an examination of computer equipment and software available and to be implemented in the structural divisions of the committee, MIAC. Coordinates proposals on the automation of economic and technological processes

- provides methodological and practical assistance to the structural divisions of the MIAC and the committee in the implementation and operation of computer equipment and software

- takes the necessary measures for the timely provision of technological processes with materials and equipment through the logistics system of the committee and MIAC

- studies and implements best practices in the development, operation and development of information technologies, makes proposals for improving the organization of work and technological processes of information processing

- carries out activities to improve business skills and special knowledge of ICU employees

- within the framework of competence, trains ICU employees for the successful operation of computer equipment, as well as software

- ensures the fulfillment of the conditions for the protection of information from unauthorized access in the development and design of local and corporate computer networks

ensures the preservation and appropriate level of protection of commercial and medical secrets, official and other information protected by law, databases, information resources, systems and technologies used in activities

- analyzes the state and makes proposals for the implementation, improvement of the information security system, takes the necessary measures to strengthen it. Provides prevention of leakage, theft, unauthorized destruction, modification, blocking of protected information