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Department of Entrepreneurship and Leasing Relations

Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Lease Relations: Semenkova Tatyana Mikhailovna
Tel.: +37517-392-26-60
- communicating to subordinate organizations key performance indicators in accordance with those set for the next year by the committee, monitoring their implementation
- organization of work on business planning
- organization of work on the development of income-generating activities by subordinate organizations
- organization of work on the analysis of tariffs for paid medical services
- development of measures aimed at developing the export of services
- coordination of business development plans for the year of subordinate commercial organizations
- analysis of tariffs for paid medical services used by subordinate organizations
- analysis and control over the implementation of key performance indicators communicated to subordinate organizations
- coordination of issues on leasing (gratuitous use) of free non-residential premises by healthcare organizations
- making proposals for amendments and additions to contracts concluded with the heads of subordinate communal unitary enterprises, in terms of wage conditions
- preparation and presentation to the management of the committee of references, analytical information on the issues of the department