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Department of Accounting, Reporting and Analysis

Head of Accounting, Reporting and Analysis Department: Lugina Vita Viktorovna
Tel.: +37517-399-40-28
- ensuring the organization of accounting and reporting, management of the financial and economic activities of the committee in accordance with applicable law
- long-term and current planning of committee expenses
- setting up and maintaining accounting and reporting in the committee in accordance with applicable law
- preparation and timely submission of committee reports, as well as consolidated financial statements in general for institutions subordinate to the committee
- payroll for committee members
- ensuring the correct accrual and timely transfer of payments to the budget
- collection and compilation of consolidated accounting, departmental and statistical monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the committee and subordinate institutions
- drawing up estimates and a draft budget for the items of expenditure of the committee
- preparation of the staffing table of the committee, making changes to the staffing table
- formation of an annual procurement plan for the committee and monitoring its implementation
- ensuring the storage of accounting documents in the prescribed manner