22 March 2019

In the first half of 2020 it is planned to commission a new oncologic dispensary. Details were given to the correspondent of the "Minsk-News" agency by Uladzimir Karanik, the chief physician of the Minsk City Clinical Oncology Dispensary, the chief freelance oncologist of the capital.


“With its opening, the possibilities in diagnostics will significantly expand,” explains U. Karanik. “We will buy three computer tomographs, one of which is mobile. In difficult cases we will be able to perform computed tomography in the operating rooms, intensive care units. Another magnetic resonance tomograph (the second one) will appear.”

In the building there will be five operating rooms with endoscopic equipment. What else in the plans? Purchase of four linear accelerators (devices for radiotherapy). Approximate price of one of them – more than 3 million euros. We now have two of these. They work from 8:00 to 20:00. The need is big. Also there will be the wards for 120 beds in the building.

Initially, the reconstruction of the oncologic dispensary was planned not to suspend the therapeutic and diagnostic process. Therefore the buildings are being modernized and built in turn.

– Approximately how much do you plan to invest?

– For now, the estimated cost of a new building with equipment is about $ 75 million. Financing is run by the local budget. There are no problems with the allocation of funds. Everything is clear and rhythmical. Now carry out construction and installation works are being carried out. Active purchase of equipment is planned for early next year. The previous building was also built at the expense of the capital budget.

Now there are two computer tomographs in the oncologic dispensary. This is not enough. We don’t have a margin of safety. If one device fails, the other will not cope with the flow of patients. And when there are five of them, temporary problems with one tomograph will reduce our diagnostic capabilities by only 20%.

– What have you decided with the polyclinic?

– The building of the consultative polyclinic department (simpler than the polyclinic) of 1977 doesn’t meet modern requirements. In 2018, the Minsk investment program included the reconstruction of the building: one floor will be completed, elevators will be installed. The project is being designed. In 2019 construction and installation works will begin.

Our polyclinic is the place where the patient first come to when informed about the suspicion of a malignant tumor. It is a kind of dispensary face: on average, we register 280 thousand visits per year. A person comes to us in a state of stress. Going into the building, he should see that he has come to a well-equipped medical facility, which has all the clinical and diagnostic capabilities. Always dress for success, they say. Speed and correctness of a diagnosis depend on the work of the specialists of the polyclinic.