26 December 2018

Overhaul with reconstruction of the 20th City Polyclinic will approximately begin in Spring, 2019. The information is provided during a meeting with population in secondary school №38 by Artsiom Tsuran, the head of the administration of the Frunzienski district, the correspondent of the "Minsk-News" agency reports.


The head of local government noted that this health care institution has long been in need of repair and reconstruction. At the beginning of 2017 it turned 50 years old, more than 40 of which it has been located in the building on Puškina Ave, 16. During this time neither overhauls nor reconstructions were carried out. Today, the polyclinic is experiencing a serious shortage of space, and there are over 60,000 patients in its service.

“It will be a reconstruction with resettlement,” emphasized A.Tsuran. “That is the building functioning today will not function at least 2 years. It will experience a serious repair of the premises with a change in their function in accordance with modern requirements, a new floor and an additional building will be build on. During renovations the patients will be served in other places. For now we are planning to leave the main units and therapy as close as possible to the 20th polyclinic, possibly in a restructured kindergarten located nearby.”

According to the head of the district administration, if this plan comes true, the move will not be too costly, and it will be more convenient for people to visit doctors not far from their residential buildings. However, certain temporary inconveniences associated with visiting sensitive departments and some narrow specialists still can not be avoided: you will have to go to other polyclinics of the district, including the 2nd Central District Polyclinic on Jakuboŭskaha Street.