3 December 2018

On November 30 in the assembly hall of City Clinical Emergency Hospital was held a concert and a solemn meeting timed to the 40th anniversary of the institution, the correspondent of the “Minsk-News” agency reports.


A lot of honoured guests came to congratulate the CCEH team on the anniversary.

Viktar Sirenka, the head of the Standing Commission of the Council of the Republic on education, science, culture and social development, former head physician of CCEH, addressed some warm words to the team.

“The forty-year history of CCEH is a unique experience in providing non-stop medical care 24 hours a day and 7 days a week,” said Igar Jurkievich, the deputy head of the Minsk City Executive Committee. "Here work exceptional people whose daily work can be called a feat without any pathos. The city administration considers further development of medical care as one of its priorities. Our plans include not only the construction of a helipad on the territory of CCEH, but also the erection of a new building with modern operating rooms since the surgical unit needs to be modernized. I hope that the project on a new emergency department will be implemented too." 

Natallia Zhukava, the deputy minister of Health, the head state sanitary physician of Belarus, called CCEH the leading emergency clinic, which team one can rely on during the most difficult times and know well that no one will fail.

“It is no coincidence that precisely CCEH has been chosen as the main healthcare institution in the medical support of the 2nd European Games, which will be held in Belarus next year,” said Dzmitry Charadnichenka, the first deputy head of the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, noting the merits and high professionalism of the health workers of the emergency hospital.

Congratulations with the holiday to the team of CCEH were also given by the head of the Minsk City Council Vasil Panasiuk, the head of the administration of the Kastryčnicki district Anatol Zhukowski, the legal labor inspector of the Minsk Сity Сommittee of the Belarusian trade union of healthcare workers Ala Awdziejenkava and the head physician of the 3rd regional clinical polyclinic of the Kastryčnicki district Iryna Pashuta.

The senior priest of the parish in honor of St. Luke (Vojna-Jasianietski), the archpriest Viktar Razanovich admitted that health workers’ work is more than work in his eyes, it is service and sacrifice.

All the speakers wished the staff of CCEH health, strength, good mood, grateful patients that day. Hard selfless work of dozens of people in white coats was marked by certificates of honor and thanks.

For reference

City Clinical Emergency Hospital received the first patient on December 1, 1978. Today it is the country's leading emergency care institution. 1,700 people work here. Every year more than 80 thousand patients apply to the hospital, 50% of them are examined at the emergency department stage with emergency medical care, 50% are hospitalized for hospital treatment. The team is headed by the Candidate of Medical Sciences, excellent health worker of the Republic of Belarus Andrej Barysaw.

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